A place in nature with beautiful landscapes. The belvedere in Borussia hills, in the city of Osório. Those who visit the place will have privileged view of the coast line and the Atlantic jungle.

The platform highest as four steps, enabling a 360 view to the wind farm, the city lakes, the beaches of Tramandai and Capao da Canoa and other nearby cities in the region, besides of showing part of Osório Hill. The belvedere has also special lightening that can be seen at night, with security and free entrance.

The new touristic attraction has easy access through BR 101, KM 98, on a well paved and lightened road. The view is integrated with the environment and it will have a touristic and eco information stand about the wonders of the Atlantic, environmental education andrenewable technologies. The observatory also include parking in an area near the site.

The Project is one of the compensating measures for the environmental impact that came from the implantation  of the Wind farm in the city, and it is extremely important for the development and touristic planning of the city. This work is estimated in 250 thousand reais and another 500 thousand representing the environmental counterpart of the wind farm.
Natural Cascades
Osório is blessed with two natural cascades: Borussia and Aguapes cascade. A place with exuberant green area and playground for the children.

Bathing in the waterfall's pond, having picnics and enjoying the traditional “chimarrão” are great ways of taking the most out of this beautiful place in nature surroundings.
Osorio Wind Farm
It is the biggest renewable energy provider of Latin America and the second biggest, operating, in the world, since 2006, with the highest technology that comes from the turbine model e79e4/2mw which is more efficient in catching the winds. The wind farm is composted with dozens of towers, each with 98 meters high.

It is divided in 3 parks: Osorio, sangradouro and indios with capacity of producing 150 mw of energy, sufficient power to fill annually the residential consume of around 650 thousand people (50% of the population of Porto Alegre).

Inexhaustible source ofclean energyproducedby wind. The park keeps intactall the fauna and flora of the fields where it is located, preserving the productive activities of the region. You can see the cattle grazing beside the giant towers, surrounded by birds. It is an international bench markin renewable energy and environmental preservation.

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